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Our breakfast experience is characterized by warmth and kindness. Our friendly staff ensures that every morning begins with a smile, making you feel right at home.

Start your day with a warm cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. For those seeking healthy options, we have a tempting selection that includes fresh fruit salad, avocado with baby spinach, and smoked salmon. You can also enjoy muesli with a variety of yogurts, refreshing smoothies, and an assortment of sliced cold meats and cheeses. Our buffet table features a Full English breakfast for those craving a hearty meal. Additionally, we offer a variety of fruit juices, pastries, and cereals to complete your morning feast. Enjoy a kind and satisfying breakfast experience with us.


Our lunch is daily prepared on the site from fresh ingredients based on 4 choices: meat, fish or veggie/vegan option, along with 3 sides and fresh vegetables. We can also include a buffet table with a fresh salad bar, fruit platter, and hot snacks, not to mention a selection of hot and cold desserts as well as a cheeseboard with crackers.

Afternoon Tea Snacks

Our Afternoon tea is usually a selection of sandwiches, tortilla wraps or crusty baguettes with various fillings, and afternoon tea-style cakes, all of which can be changed upon request for crudités, fruit platter, or homemade Focaccia bread with olives and oils.
Dinner service, a hot late break, and soups are also available for an extra charge.



Lamb koftas, tzatziki sauce, pita (Dairy, Gluten)

Seafood Paella with chorizo and lemon (Crustaceans, Fish, Molluscs)

Roasted lemon and thyme chicken, gravy

Moroccan vegetable Tajine, flatbread, spiced yogurt (Dairy, Gluten)

Cous Cous (Gluten)
Pilaf rice
Grilled vegetable

Greek salad (Dairy)

Mixed leaves salad

Cherry tomato salad with rocket, balsamic glaze

Cheese board, grapes, and crackers (Dairy, Gluten)

Sliced fruits platter 

Selection of desserts



Duck Chow mein with vegetables and shitake mushrooms

Chicken Diane

Tuna steak with seaweed salad and sesame (Sesame seeds)

Vegan Lasagna (Gluten)

Jasmine rice

Chunky chips

Stir-fried vegetable

Grilled broccoli and cauliflower salad, spiced pinenuts

Steamed Pak choy, chilli, garlic, and sesame seeds dressing (Sesame seeds)

Fit salad (fermented vegetable)

Cheese board, grapes, and crackers (Dairy, Gluten)

Sliced fruits platter 

Selection of desserts 


Malaysian Rendang Beef cooked in coconut milk

Herb crusted Cod, Bearnaise sauce (Dairy, Gluten)

Grilled Harisa Chicken breast, french fries

Chickpea curry with spinach, Naan, and Mango yogurt (Gluten, Dairy)

Coconut jasmine rice

French fries

Steamed mixed vegetable

Asian slaw (Sesame seeds)

Freekeh with feta and pomegranate

Tomato, peppers, red onion, and vinaigrette dressing (Sulphur dioxide)

Cheese board, grapes, and crackers (Dairy, Gluten)

Sliced fruits platter 

Selection of desserts 



Pork Steak Au Poivre (Dairy)

Roasted Dukkah chicken breast, Muhammara sauce (Nuts, Sulphur dioxide)

Sea bass “all’acqua pazza”

Linguine with vegan "meatballs" in Marinara sauce, basil

Garlic bread (Gluten, Dairy)

Roasted baby potatoes

Blanched green beans and carrot 

Fattoush salad, toasted pita (Gluten)

Crudites with hummus

Beetroot with halloumi (Dairy)

Cheese board, grapes, and crackers (Dairy, Gluten)

Sliced fruits platter

Selection of desserts 


Sheppards pie (Dairy)
Chicken shawarma
Halibut with Meunière sauce, lemon (Dairy)
Gnocchi with sun-dried tomato and hazelnut pesto (Nuts)

Aromatic Basmati rice
Seasoned potato wedges
Medley vegetable 

Red Quinoa, bean sprouts, edamame beans, mustard dressing salad  (Mustard)
Caprese salad (Sulph
ur dioxide)
ar salad (Fish, Egg, Dairy)
Cheese board, grapes, and crackers (Dairy, Gluten)
Sliced fruit platter

Selection of desserts 

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